Togital Validator

Togital Validator

Validate tickets on vehicle real time with this Android application.


  • Reading QR-codes in fractions of a second, including small, dense, damaged, partially obscured and poorly printed QR-codes.
  • Validation of tickets in milliseconds with alerts on the screen as well with a validation beep.
  • Real Time Sync with Sales: Data from new ticket sales are instantly synchronized to the Togital Validation App within seconds of being purchased.
  • Multi-Device Sync: Scanning with multiple devices at multiple locations is supported.
  • Built-in Fraud Detection: Duplicate tickets are a concern. No more with our built in fraud and duplicate ticket detection. Each ticket is tracked to the millisecond when it is scanned and tagged.
  • Easy to use and self-explanatory interface for scanning tickets for the Togital Validation App users.

The Togital Validation App is a mobile phone application to be installed on devices with Android version 5.x or higher to validate tickets sold via Togital POS, WEB, APP and TVM using device’s camera.

The tickets sold via Togital sales channels are scanned and their QR-Codes are checked for validity in real-time with the Togital Backoffice. Each QR-Code can only be used once and duplicate scan of tickets is rejected.

The user of the Togital Validation App will receive a notification that the ticket is accepted or rejected and the scanned information is synchronized to the Togital Backoffice so that the ticket is marked as “used” and cannot be used again.


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