Togital TVM

Togital TVM

The Ticket Vending Machine that does the work for your company


  • Easy and fast purchase procedure
  • Automatic night-mode, easier operation at night
  • Supporting different product types
  • Payment with credit card
  • High security & anti-vandalism standards
  • Less queue time/li>
  • Increased sales

Togital TVM is a self-service ticketing machine with design and layout tailored for the company’s design profile. The passengers will be able to check routes and departure times in addition to buying tickets. They can pay with credit card and tickets will be printed on-site.

The printed tickets contains travel information and transaction receipt.It also contains a QR code that can be scanned when boarding the transportation vehicle. It can be scanned with Togital POS, Togital Validator or verified directly toward the Backoffice.


Red Rock AS
Stemmane 7
4636 Kristiansand

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