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Togital Webshop

Webshop for travel planning and ticket sales.

Togital POS

Point of sales where the company’s personnel can sell tickets.

Togital TVM

Ticket vending machine to sell tickets.

Togital App

Mobile application for selling tickets.

Togital Validator

Mobile application for on-site / on-vehicle ticket validation.

Togital Backoffice

The place for configuring the system, setup lines and routes, monitor sales, etc.

Togital Options

  • <h3>Agent Solution</h3>

    Agent Solution

    This is a solution for agents to sell tickets. They can purchase tickets in Togital Webshop and choose if they want to purchase via invoice or by credit cards. The system will create a summary of all sold tickets of an agent which can be used to send the invoice in your ERP system.
  • <h3>Realtime Options</h3>

    Realtime Options

    Realtime information system for administration and customers. The administration can see the vehicle's current position on the map, see number of passengers. The customers can be aware of the vehicle’s position that they are waiting for using the Togital App and/or Web module.
  • <h3>Integrations</h3>


    Togital can be integrated with the following

    • Payment Service Providers
    • Mobile payment solutions
    • Travel planners
    • Bonus card providers
    • Travel cards
  • <h3>Content Management System</h3>

    Content Management System

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